Martial Arts in Chicago, Illinois

Who should train here?
  • Those who want to have fun while getting in shape
  • Those who want to learn useful skills while working out
  • Serious, competitive athletes

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    Our classes are a fun and effective way to lose weight, build muscle, gain flexibility, increase speed, and increase coordination. We want our students to work at a level that is both comfortable yet challenging so that they will get the maximum workout without injuring themselves.

    Our martial arts classes are also suitable for those who want an alternative or an addition to their current workout regimen. Whether you are a runner, dancer, boxer, or basketball player, you can gain many additional health benefits from martial arts. Martial arts is an excellent cross training tool for all sports because it embodies the external or physical aspects of sport, such as power, balance, coordination, muscle explosion, lateral and circular motion, flexibility, reflex, and endurance. It also incorporates the interal or mental aspects of sport, such as focus, confidence, competitive mind set, spatial awareness, and muscle awareness.


    The importance of learning to defend yourself is self-explanatory. Our philosophy about self-defense is that you need to practice striking and joint lock techniques often and at as close to full speed as possible against a resisting opponent in order to execute these techniques automatically during stressful situations.


    Practicing kung fu is a way of being part of a heritage and cultural tradition stretching back thousands of years. Martial arts forms passed down from generation to generation reflect the cultural climate, the understanding of the body, the philosophy, and the concept of warfare at a historical point in time. These exercises that were developed thousands of years ago exist to this day because they have remained culturally relevant and physically beneficial.


    Chinese martial arts is a comprehensive system of self-defense, a sport, an exercise, and an art form. Its foundation is built upon respect and self-discipline. Thus, martial arts practitioners learn effective fighting skills while promoting their physical and mental well-being.

    Chinese martial arts training is not complete unless there is focus on all of these aspects. That’s why at Extreme we encourage all students to become proficient not only in forms, but also sparring and self-defense. In our curriculum we want our students to acquire a well-rounded knowledge of Chinese martial arts.

    Extreme Kung Fu / Wushu Training Center
    Chinese martial arts  
    5951 N Clark St.  - Chicago, IL 60626

    ph. 773-719-6488
    email: extremekungfu@gmail.com

    Men and Women, Beginners and Advanced Levels: All are welcome!
    High Quality Instruction by
    Elite Athletes and Former Competitors
    Superior Facility:
    Full-Size Wushu Floor, Boxing Ring, Heavy Bags, Weight Equipment
    Unlimited Classes, No Belt-Rankings,
    No Long-Term Contracts Required