Other Classes

The classes listed below hold classes at our facility.
However they are NOT part of the Extreme Kung Fu / Wushu Training Center curriculum.

Please contact the instructors directly for pricing and class information.

KALI-ESCRIMA with Filipino-Kali-Escrima Academy of Chicago

Please contact us for more information about Kali-Escrima classes. 
Email:  guronate@sbcglobal.net
Phone:  (847)-239-3990

Filipino-Kali-Escrima Academy of Chicago teaches a Kali-Escrima class at the Extreme Kung Fu location on Fridays at 7pm

What is Filipino Martial Arts?

Kali, Escrima, Arnis, and Silat and several other names are various styles of Filipino Martial Arts.
A unique attribute of Filipino Martial Arts is the emphasis on weapons training. Knife fighting, stick fighting, blade training are all introduced in the beginning phases of these Arts. It is a Warrior Art, a very combative approach to Martial Arts Training, and a very realistic way of introducing students to the nature of war, combat, deadly altercations, and several scenarios where one needs to defend one's self. The human body is trained and honed to respond to threats with weapons, empty hands, multiple attackers, and hostile environments.

The Filipino Martial Arts (FMA) are several thousand years old, though, have only become popularized in the last few decades. The various styles are as diverse as the 7,000 islands that make up the Philippine Archipelago. They are a very comprehensive system, that contain up to 12 categories of weaponry. In general, the first training method/weapon is the stick. Any technique done with a stick can be done with an empty hand, knife or any other weapon. Thus, it is a very practical and interchangeable martial art, viewing any weapon as just the extension of the hand.


1. Single weapon-long (single stick, single sword)
2. Double weapons-long (double stick, double sword)
3. Long & short weapons (long & short sticks, sword & dagger, sword & shield)
4. Double weapons-short (double daggers, double short sticks)
5. Single weapon-short (dagger & empty hand)
6. Empty hands-boxing, kicking, grappling, pinching,
7. Flexible weapons-rope, chain, nunchaku, whip, stringray tail
8. Palm/pocket stick
9. 2 handed stick style
10. Spear/staff
11. Throwing weapons-darts
12. Projectile weapons-blowgun, bow & arrow

NINJUTSU with Bujinkan Chicago Dojo

Contact: Mark Agostino
Email:  chicagoninjutsu@yahoo.com
Phone:  (312)-238-9082

Bujinkan Chicago Dojo teaches Ninjutsu classes at the Extreme Kung Fu location on Wed and Thur evenings at 8pm.

What is Ninjitsu?

Ninjutsu is a very comprehensive art that you can spend you’re lifetime learning and still never master, unlike some arts where you can learn everything in 5 years or less. Ninjutsu is an art that involves throws similar to the those you’d see in Judo, flowing movements like that of Aikido, joint locks and grappling similar to that of Jujutsu, punches and kicks like those seen in Karate and weapons work like you’d see in most samurai traditions. You’ll also find metaphysical areas in Ninjutsu such as meditation and sensitivity exercises. Many arts only focus their training on a few specific areas. In Ninjutsu you will learn never stop learning.

There are nine traditions taught in the Bujinkan Dojo. Three of those schools are traditional Ninjutsu schools and the other 6 are traditional Bujutsu or Samurai schools. The training dates back over 900 years and is battlefield tested.  Each school contains a wealth of knowledge about humanity’s most basic instinct: the need to survive! War and peace have gone hand in hand since the dawn of time. Even in today’s ever-changing world, the spirit of the warrior lives on, prevailing through conflict and enduring hardship and yet, through cultivating a benevolent heart, the true warrior aims to bring balance. This balance is vital to fostering peace and mutual understanding and these are important if mankind is to progress to the next level of human development. Justice is the product, happiness the reward.

Extensive training in the following areas of the Bujinkan Dojo curriculum:


junan taiso, taihenjutsu, kosshijutsu, koppojutsu, jutaijutsu, and dakentaijutsu


katana, tachi, ken (straight bladed sword) wakazashi, shikomigatana, daishosabaki,  and muto dori


hanbo, jo, bo (staffs over 6ft. in length) and shikomizue

Chain &Rope

kusarifundo, kusarigama, kensaku, hojojutsu (restraining techniques with rope)


naginata and bisentou


Yari and kamayari

Throwing Weapons

bou shuriken, senban shuriken, metsubishi


jutte, knife, tessen, kunai, teppan